Monday, July 10, 2006

peak-a boo

well here I go this is going to be my first step into 3d.this is a kid from my friends daycare there is 3 all together . there has bin a ton of drawings I have done this is the one I like the best. I have 2 more to go I think I will have them soon, the boards are done in rough so now it is just to clean them up .it still needs work but I must go forward I had a lot to learn :).3 months is not long enough not with a full time job and kids and well a life to enjoy . I learned I learned a few things doing this one is that I am not ready. I do not have the knowledge not just in the art aspect but the business side as well I figure I have time I might as well make myself better at what I do and really learn to enjoy it. the I have not really enjoyed drawing and being creative since ...well since I got into animation. and to me before all this animation bizz that is what I liked. it did not matter what it was and if people liked it but it was that feeling that man I drew made this and then toss it out and do another. I want to have that again I want to learn and have fun.
and the 2nd thing I learned was that I got to get my shit in order. if I want to run a business I need to have all my ducks in order .if I am going to have people working for me I want to know I am incontrole of what is going on and money is a big part of it. if I am worried of what is going on and who needs to be paid at home and all I am doing is taking care of my family what will happen when I have people working for me and I have to let them go or shut down for a bit because I did not plan or do the money side right there, I do not want that to happen.
I also learned something from a friend this weekend if you want something done the way you want it take your time do it right. and sometimes your first idea might not be the right one but keep going forward just go a new way. it will get done .
well that is all for another post I plan to have some more exciting things to put up soon till then ttfn.


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